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Data on Demand

Welcome to the Mortgage Web Services website, where you can learn about integrating servicing data on demand. Mortgage Web Services are made available to any application on demand via Black Knight Inc's technology platform. The open-standards platform provides loan-level access to servicing data, allowing in-house applications and delivery channels to launch data and service requests directly, securely and in real-time.

Web Service calls are conveyed as XML data streams to facilitate read, add, update and delete operations from the system of record and back-end response integration on demand. Approved lenders and service providers can read and update servicing data fields from a customer service or default application or teller platform, for example.

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive and efficient technology platform in the industry for accessing and integrating servicing data.

Extensive business and technical documentation is published on this website, enabling users to program application calls for Mortgage Web Services.

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Benefits of Mortgage Web Services

Mortgage Web Services offer numerous advantages to mortgage servicers and their business trading partners. Customers, business partners and employees accessing data across the enterprise, using your applications, has never been easier or versatile:

  • Automates data retrieval management in a consistent manner across the user base
  • Promotes a one-stop experience for accessing servicing data
  • Enables users to read, add, update and delete system-of-record data directly and on demand, helps minimize processing delays and mitigates risks that come from multiple touch points and reliance on stale information
  • Reduces application integration timelines and customization needs
  • Abstracts system-of-record data so you do not to know proprietary formats and programming languages to get to the data you need
  • Replaces older technologies, such as screen scraping with synchronization of data and platform stability
  • Safeguards confidential information with multiple layers of authentication and authorization, including encryption and system-of-record security

Why Black Knight?

Black Knight is renowned in the financial services industry for its unsurpassed data management capabilities. The development and delivery of Mortgage Web Services is simply an extension of those core competencies. Working collaboratively with our clients, Black Knight offers the most comprehensive, reliable and efficient data solutions available in the industry.

Visit us at www.BlackKnightInc.com or email us at AskBlackKnight@bkfs.com if you would like to learn more about Mortgage Web Services. If you prefer, you can call us at 844.474.2537.